Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh, decorations!

I'm having such a difficult time deciding on decorations for the ceremony and reception. In a previous blog, I posted a photo of how I would like the inside of the church to look for the ceremony...

[Click image for larger view]
(Courtesy of Erin Elizabeth's wedding)

However, though he thinks it is nice, Josh says it would be an inconvenience because anyone sitting nearest to the aisle will have to climb over everyone else to get out (if they needed out for some reason). I don't want to inconvenience people, but I also want my wedding to be the wedding I hope for. My want for our guests to be comfortable, though, is very important to me. So I am now back to square one: how should the ceremony be decorated?

I've been browsing the Internet yet again; it has been hard to find anything that doesn't look similar to the image posted above... But, alas, I have found something.

[Click image for larger view]
(Found when searching google for "wedding decorations")

Combining the elements of both pictures, we could create something really nice. I would want the petals to be pushed to the side, like in the first photo, but the flower arrangements could be similar to the second photo (hmmm, tulle or no tulle?!)... Of course the flowers would match the color theme.

It's so hard to make decisions that satisfy everyone, but I'm hoping that Josh and I are able to do that without completely changing what we want--because what we want is all that matters in the end because it is our wedding, and it is the only one we will ever have.

I haven't even begun to think of reception decorations! Okay, that's a lie, mostly... But that's too much to post in one night.


Joshua said...

Well, where I do see it as a bit of an inconvenience... yeah. That's about it. I'll put my creative side to use in a bit. I just remembered that I had one. Remind me later, please.

I do think it's beautiful though. I just want you to be happy and get as close to what you want as we can get.

Amber said...

Megan don't worry about pleasing the guests. You do what makes you happy and do what will make this day perfect for you. This is your day and you only get to do it once.
I think both pictures are beautiful and I do agree with you. I like the rose pedals on the sides lining the walkway.

Linda @ Little Miss Planner said...

Hi! Just a few thoughts on this. Make sure you check with your ceremony site what you can put on the aisle. If you can drape, go with your gut. Guests shouldn't be walking down the center before the ceremony anyhow. If you can't, you could always give the allusion of seperation with either lots of pedals (like you pictured) or even tulle crumpled up together going down both sides of the aisle. You could even take it further and place LED tea lights in it to give it a glow!

Great blog! Can't wait to see how the end result will turn out! :)

Amanda said...

I love both of them, but it's your day so you decide what you like.
I love you sissy.