Thursday, February 28, 2008

An Interruption:

Dearest family & friends:

I see that some (well, seven) people have taken the poll on the right-side of my blog. Well, let me know
why you think we should honeymoon in that particular location. Give me some pros and cons. If you have ideas other than "beach on the east coast" and "cabin in the smokies," let me know... :]


PS. Nobody has been commenting, so I'm feelin' alone in my ideas, haha.


Beth from Xanga said...

Hi!! Oh don't feel lonely... that's sad :( And this is a happy time :)
Wow... your pole is dead even!!! Well, I don't know you and Josh that well (I don't know Josh all for that matter!), so I kinda voted on what I would like better... and that is the montains all the way!!! I live in the mountains (Blue Ridge) and I LOVE it... they are so beautiful. Plue, I'm really not a big fan of the beach; itchy sand, sunburn, salt water, eh, just isn't may thing. I think that a cabin would be a LOT more private than the beach, too. Depending on where you go, there are SO many things you could do, from hiking to shopping to visiting historical sites... AND I would think that you could have almost total alone time if you wanted. I'm not sure where you live, but, if you've never experienced a mountain sunrise or sunset, there is nothing more romantic :)

Well, that was a long post... but you ask us to tell you why!

rachH said...

Hey Meggy...I said cabin b/c it's more private for a honeymoon ya know, less people in the woods...haha...and the beach is so over done, I just think you guys would have more fun at a cabin instead of a busy hotel at the beach....anyway, I may not be able to comment every day, or check it every day, but I promise I'll catch up when I miss something! Love you!!

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