Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've decided

Against using gerbera daisies. Although they are lovely flowers, I would honestly rather use roses. However, roses tend to be the more expensive of flowers (especially red, right?), so I've opted to try out silk flowers! Not only will they be cheaper, but they will last forever, so I'll be able to keep my bouquet for the rest of my life (and maybe even pass it on to a daughter or granddaughter). I've looked everywhere on the 'net (ebay, included) for silk bouquets. Here is one bouquet that I found to be absolutely gorgeous (and so realistic!):

(Courtesy of Ann-eee)

Are they not wonderful? I've found others, too, of course. I'm just concerned, slightly, that if I were to order this bouquet (and a matching one for my sister, plus two boutinierres for Josh and his brother), I will be unable to find flowers to match for other decorations we will be using throughout the church. This is what I'd like to have the flower decorations look like during the ceremony:

[Click image for larger view]
(Courtesy of Erin Elizabeth's wedding)

Of course, we'll be using red & white flowers instead of the yellow ones here... But anyway, what do you think? Should I go ahead and order the bouquets I showed here, or should I just buy my own silk flowers and make the bouquets myself? Josh's cousin will (most likely) be making our flower arrangements because she is a genius at that sort of thing...

I just want to make sure everything matches well. So, give me some advice, please. :]


Amber said...

I had real flowers with my wedding and before I could get back to the hotel room that night they were aleady turning brown, so if you want to save them go with the silk. Remember Trisha had the silk flowers and I thought they looked really nice. I hope that helps a little. Can't wait to see you :)

Anonymous said...

Fresh flower is a lot of work to... well, keep them fresh and have them looking right for a few hours.

I think picking silk ones should look nice and be much easier for preparation.

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