Monday, March 10, 2008

Officially June 17 (again)

Okay, okay. I am ready to post once again! Sorry for such an odd absence. Back to planning!

The main reason I even stopped the planning in the first place was because we had no idea when the wedding would be; without that detail, it was really hard to focus on anything. However, after thinking it through (Josh had told me it was up to me), I decided on keeping it on Tuesday, June 17, 2008. Why? I mean, Saturday would be so much easier for everyone! Well, one reason (though she didn't want to be the deciding factor) is because my aunt wouldn't be able to make it if it were Saturday. This aunt (her name is Amber) has always been like a big sister to me (she is only eight years older); I mean, she took me to my first R-rated movie, and she took me to an *NSYNC concert when I was about ten. :] She has been one of my best friends throughout my life, and I wanted her to be at my wedding. Another reason was the fact that we have such a "thing" with the number seventeen, and I just really wanted it on the seventeenth, even if that means it is on a Tuesday. So, June 17th it is!

Whew. Now that we have that out of the way: invitations. As I mentioned before, we received the samples from Rexcraft, and let me tell you, they were so not cheap-looking! As I breathed a huge sigh of relief, I found myself in another sticky situation: which to choose? I sat them all out on the table in front of me, and as I browsed the Internet throughout the day, I kept glancing back at the invitations thinking, which ones say "Megan & Josh"? It didn't take much time to find the winner. However, I still had to wait on Josh's opinion, and eventually, he agreed. BUT! I asked him to take the samples to my future mother-in-law (Kris) to get her opinion as well. (I realized I haven't been including her much, and it made me feel bad, so I wanted to see what she thought.) Well, she agreed with what Josh and I had chosen. And the winner is...

[click image for a larger view]

I just like how simple and elegant they are. We plan on keeping the black ribbon and using "claret" ink. Now, all we have to do is order them (:groan: spending money!).

On my days off from blogging, I've constantly been thinking about wedding things, of course, and something else came to mind (that I was trying to keep filed away for a little while): music! I need a song to walk down the aisle to (Dad insists that we play the instrumental version of Vitamin C's "Graduation Song (Friends Forever)," but I'm still doing some debating...); we need a bride-groom song (we have several of "our songs" in mind); and of course, a father-daughter dance (it's so hard finding a song that describes how much I admire my dad). So, after reading weddingbee today, Miss Hummingbird gave an idea of a place to make playlists! Finetune! So, of course, I created a profile (it's free!) and I began searching through the music. It's much harder than it may sound, though. There are songs that we love, but they aren't really songs that you can dance to. I'm still on the lookout, but you can take a look at what I have found so far.

Next, I need to make an appointment (for sometime next month) to have the alterations on my dress done. Also, we have to meet with the florist again; she's making a few sample bouquets for me to choose from. (Oh yeah, I've decided to have someone else make my bouquet... it'll be a little less stressful on me.) We also have to figure out a few things about the cake... and there are several other things we must do, but I'll save that for another post.

P.S. Here is a sneak peak at our registry. It isn't completed, and we are actually adding and deleting items as we find other items that match better... But I just thought I'd give you a little look. :] I spent hours last night browsing through the different things!


rachH said...

hey! sorry I haven't been on here much lately...I'm glad you got the date worked out though!! I'm gonna look at your music lists!! love you!

Amber said...

I love you baby girl :) I am glad that I get to see my little girl get married. It means a lot to me. You are a wonderful person and I am so proud of what you have accomplished and what you have done with your life. You deserve nothing but happiness and I hope Josh can give you that. If not you let your Aunt know ;) I miss you and I will see you soon.

Amanda said...

Those are the ones I loved the best.

jessica said...

Hi there. I got your email and I would love to make you a board!! It seems you have a lot already in progress so I will try not to be repetitive. How nice You get sample bouquets. I do not get that! I just have to take what she gives me that day, and assume she looked at the photos I give her :)

The invitations are very elegant. One word of caution, we sent out engagement party invites with a black ribbon on the outside and a lot of people told us their first reaction was they thought someone had died!
i think that might be more prevelant over here though :)