Saturday, March 1, 2008

Oh, more samples.

I just ordered three more samples of invitations. I've gone mad! :] My mom pointed me in the direction of the other day, and I skimmed through the invitations without really looking. Tonight, I began to browse the invitations once again, and I decided I will not settle for something that I think it cheaply made... Thus my reason for ordering more samples. A plus: David's Bridal charges to order samples, but Rexcraft does not! :]

[Click image to view larger]

[click image to view larger]

The best thing about these invitations: I can change the ribbons (and the ink, of course) to match the color theme of our wedding!

I'm hoping that one of these sets are our invitations. As long as they aren't made cheaply, I'll be happy because they all look very elegant. I may actually have a hard time choosing between the three! :]

I feel slightly more relieved about invitations. Next, I must decide on favors. Hopefully. I will also continue to think about ceremony decorations... And there are several other things popping up as each day passes. Wish me luck!


P.S. Thank you to those who have commented and/or voted on the polls (so far); all comments and votes are greatly appreciated! Please continue to do both. :]