Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Perfect Pair

After reading the most recent post on The Pink Book's blog, I realized something: I get so caught up in talking about what we need to plan that I haven't discussed what I already have planned thus far. Mainly shoes. ;]

It really didn't take long at all to find the "perfect" shoes. After trying on my dress at David's Bridal and buying it, I decided I wanted to look elsewhere for shoes. Josh took me to the mall one night, and we went into several shoe stores, and I found some of the cutest pairs! However, I just couldn't see myself spending $150+ on a pair of shoes I would only wear once. I was then becoming discouraged, until I saw Bakers. After a short period of time, I found the ones I wanted to try on. The lady brought me two different sizes just in case, and I ended up buying the size 7.5 shoes. What shoes did I buy? Well, none other than...

The heel makes a noticeable difference in my height, which is what I needed. Josh and his brother (the best man) are both at least a foot taller than I am; my sister (the maid-of-honor) is about seven or eight inches taller than I, so I needed something to make me look "normal" in the wedding pictures. Not only that, but my dress has a lot of beading on the bottom, and it's going to have to be hemmed; without the heel, it would look terrible.

The perfect shoes come with a price, though. Mine ended up being $70 (they are now on sale at Bakers for $50, though! Darn it.), so I didn't know if I would be willing to pay that much for shoes. I used to wear heels quite often, but now, I just don't... I could sell them after the wedding, though! Of course, after looking at them for some time, I sort of fell in love, so I couldn't bring myself to thinking about ever getting rid of them (that's kind of how it went with Josh, too. Haha!); I may end up keeping them after the wedding because, who knows? someday, I may need a pair of white heels with a certain outfit, and where might those heels be?! In the back of my very own closet, waiting for their day in the limelight once again.

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Anonymous said...

Great choice for your tootsies! They're very stylish. I'm sure you'll find an opportunity to wear them again... they can be your anniversary shoes. ;) So glad to hear from another Tennessee bride. High five! Can't wait to read more about your planning.