Saturday, May 10, 2008

Let's hear it for the boys!

I'm excited to say that the groom's tux, as well as the best man's tux, have been ordered! Left to go: Dad and the three ushers. Since the boys don't really get much time in the spotlight on wedding blogs, I figured I'd write/type a post dedicated to the boys and their tuxes.

Though I told Josh that he could get (almost) anything he liked, he still included me in the decision, and I had the final say of yes or no. We ended up going to Men's Wearhouse because Josh would be able to get his tux for free and everyone else would get $20 off (since I bought my dress at David's). It was easy to decide on the actual tux. Josh decided on a Ralph Lauren three-button super 100's tuxedo:
Then came the vest debate. I wanted everyone (aside from Josh and my Dad) to be wearing apple vests to match my sister's dress and the overall color theme. Josh thought that it would look "clownish," until seeing the apple on black. He then decided that apple would look fine. So, we went with the herringbone apple vest for our three ushers and the best man:
I mentioned something about the classic groom look for Josh: white shirt, black tie, black vest, black tux. He liked the idea, but still looked at some other vests in a silver/platinum color. When it came down to it, though, he asked what I liked best (which I was extremely grateful for), and though I do like the silver/platinum vests, they looked too "prom-y" to me, so I stuck with the classic look. And so it was decided: Josh would be a classic groom, wearing a herringbone black vest:
Everything else was pretty simple. All of the boys will be wearing "Euro ties" instead of bow ties, and they'll be wearing plain white shirts. Cufflinks will be silver and white, I believe. I can't really remember what Josh picked for those.

I'm just excited that we finally have the tuxes set!


melissa said...

we did our tuxes today at sacinos...jims going to wear a black tux, with a white shirt and vest.the tie is going to be black. the grooms men are wearing black tuxes with a black vest and red tie. the girls are wearing black dresses with a red bow at the waist :))

very excited for you!! and me too of course heheh

Christina said...

Josh has very nice decision, Ralp Lauren three button super 100's tuxedo is perfect for wedding.