Thursday, May 29, 2008

Roses are red...

Forgive me for being so horrible at updating. With only two weeks and five days left before the wedding (or nineteen days, but who's counting?), there is a lot to do, and I still need to post on details that have been finalized. Flowers, perhaps?

My first idea for a bouquet was pretty simple--and more unique. Red gerbera daisies.

I still love them, but after some thought, I decided that I wanted the classic rose bouquet even more.

Originally, I was planning on using silk flowers so that I would be able to keep my bouquet forever. We went to a local florist, and she made a sample bouquet for me, and truth be told, I hated it. It really looked fake. I knew they were silks, so of course they were fake, but I expected them to look more real for some reason. Also, the lady was quoting us ~$200 for one bouquet, a bridesmaid bouquet, and six bouts. For fake flowers. That seemed a bit much. My dad had told us about another florist in town, so we decided to check it out just to please him. They sat my mom, sister, and I down at a couch with several books at hand. I searched through the books, and I found exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to do real flowers now, but I was afraid of the price.

We talked to the woman, and for the same amount of pieces plus a toss bouquet, it would only cost ~$100. And that's for real flowers. Red roses and white stephanotis.

I'm incredibly happy with the outcome, and I really am glad that we went with that florist instead. We'll be picking up the pieces the day of the wedding, so everything will be beautifully fresh.

Have I mentioned that our wedding is in nineteen days? I believe I have. :)


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULTIONS on your wedding today! Hope you have a lifetime of happiness! :)

thatdisneygirl said...

that is a ton of money for fake flowers! i just found you through another blog. any happily married updates? :)

Chatterberries said...

Congratulations and best wishes! What nice and lovely red flowers.

Bryan said...

Wish you a very happy married life...May God give you all his blessings.

Lydia G. said...

All I can say is ...roses are all I'm dying for!

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