Thursday, May 29, 2008

Roses are red...

Forgive me for being so horrible at updating. With only two weeks and five days left before the wedding (or nineteen days, but who's counting?), there is a lot to do, and I still need to post on details that have been finalized. Flowers, perhaps?

My first idea for a bouquet was pretty simple--and more unique. Red gerbera daisies.

I still love them, but after some thought, I decided that I wanted the classic rose bouquet even more.

Originally, I was planning on using silk flowers so that I would be able to keep my bouquet forever. We went to a local florist, and she made a sample bouquet for me, and truth be told, I hated it. It really looked fake. I knew they were silks, so of course they were fake, but I expected them to look more real for some reason. Also, the lady was quoting us ~$200 for one bouquet, a bridesmaid bouquet, and six bouts. For fake flowers. That seemed a bit much. My dad had told us about another florist in town, so we decided to check it out just to please him. They sat my mom, sister, and I down at a couch with several books at hand. I searched through the books, and I found exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to do real flowers now, but I was afraid of the price.

We talked to the woman, and for the same amount of pieces plus a toss bouquet, it would only cost ~$100. And that's for real flowers. Red roses and white stephanotis.

I'm incredibly happy with the outcome, and I really am glad that we went with that florist instead. We'll be picking up the pieces the day of the wedding, so everything will be beautifully fresh.

Have I mentioned that our wedding is in nineteen days? I believe I have. :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Let's hear it for the boys!

I'm excited to say that the groom's tux, as well as the best man's tux, have been ordered! Left to go: Dad and the three ushers. Since the boys don't really get much time in the spotlight on wedding blogs, I figured I'd write/type a post dedicated to the boys and their tuxes.

Though I told Josh that he could get (almost) anything he liked, he still included me in the decision, and I had the final say of yes or no. We ended up going to Men's Wearhouse because Josh would be able to get his tux for free and everyone else would get $20 off (since I bought my dress at David's). It was easy to decide on the actual tux. Josh decided on a Ralph Lauren three-button super 100's tuxedo:
Then came the vest debate. I wanted everyone (aside from Josh and my Dad) to be wearing apple vests to match my sister's dress and the overall color theme. Josh thought that it would look "clownish," until seeing the apple on black. He then decided that apple would look fine. So, we went with the herringbone apple vest for our three ushers and the best man:
I mentioned something about the classic groom look for Josh: white shirt, black tie, black vest, black tux. He liked the idea, but still looked at some other vests in a silver/platinum color. When it came down to it, though, he asked what I liked best (which I was extremely grateful for), and though I do like the silver/platinum vests, they looked too "prom-y" to me, so I stuck with the classic look. And so it was decided: Josh would be a classic groom, wearing a herringbone black vest:
Everything else was pretty simple. All of the boys will be wearing "Euro ties" instead of bow ties, and they'll be wearing plain white shirts. Cufflinks will be silver and white, I believe. I can't really remember what Josh picked for those.

I'm just excited that we finally have the tuxes set!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Honeymoon: Change of Plans

It's been quite a while! I don't really know why I stopped posting, though we did get a little busier with the wedding plans. There are quite a few things to talk about, but I'll try to spread them out in different posts. We'll start of with the honeymoon. Again.

After writing a post on staying in a cabin in Gatlinburg, TN, a few things changed. Josh and I are lucky enough that his grandparents will be paying for our honeymoon, so after some debate, we thought about going to Disney. To us, it would be much more exciting, and who wouldn't want to wear the cute bride and groom mouse ear hats? I was definitely game. The other night, though, we started looking at some Bed & Breakfasts online in Asheville, NC. We found a few we like and finally decided what we wanted to do. So, we booked it last night.

Cumberland Falls B&B is beautiful! We'll be staying in the Lion's Den for only $165/night ($199 Friday-Sunday), and the room is just perfect.

Yes, that's a claw-foot tub.
After waking up around 11am in our private suite the Wednesday morning after the wedding (my parents are getting us a nice jacuzzi room at a local Howard Johnson), we'll check-out and head to Asheville, where we'll arrive around three, which is check-in time. We'll be able to enjoy ourselves at the B&B, take trips to downtown Asheville or the nearby Black Mountain, and (possibly) even take a day hike somewhere. We'll check-out that Saturday morning, but maybe we'll take the long way home so that we can enjoy ourselves and our time away just for that much longer.

I'm incredibly excited! Josh and I might actually be looking more forward to the honeymoon right now than the wedding, haha. Since the wedding is only 38 days away, though, we're getting even more nervous.

Next up: tuxes? or maybe flowers?

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

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Monday, April 21, 2008