Thursday, February 28, 2008

Oh, decorations!

I'm having such a difficult time deciding on decorations for the ceremony and reception. In a previous blog, I posted a photo of how I would like the inside of the church to look for the ceremony...

[Click image for larger view]
(Courtesy of Erin Elizabeth's wedding)

However, though he thinks it is nice, Josh says it would be an inconvenience because anyone sitting nearest to the aisle will have to climb over everyone else to get out (if they needed out for some reason). I don't want to inconvenience people, but I also want my wedding to be the wedding I hope for. My want for our guests to be comfortable, though, is very important to me. So I am now back to square one: how should the ceremony be decorated?

I've been browsing the Internet yet again; it has been hard to find anything that doesn't look similar to the image posted above... But, alas, I have found something.

[Click image for larger view]
(Found when searching google for "wedding decorations")

Combining the elements of both pictures, we could create something really nice. I would want the petals to be pushed to the side, like in the first photo, but the flower arrangements could be similar to the second photo (hmmm, tulle or no tulle?!)... Of course the flowers would match the color theme.

It's so hard to make decisions that satisfy everyone, but I'm hoping that Josh and I are able to do that without completely changing what we want--because what we want is all that matters in the end because it is our wedding, and it is the only one we will ever have.

I haven't even begun to think of reception decorations! Okay, that's a lie, mostly... But that's too much to post in one night.

An Interruption:

Dearest family & friends:

I see that some (well, seven) people have taken the poll on the right-side of my blog. Well, let me know
why you think we should honeymoon in that particular location. Give me some pros and cons. If you have ideas other than "beach on the east coast" and "cabin in the smokies," let me know... :]


PS. Nobody has been commenting, so I'm feelin' alone in my ideas, haha.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I've decided

Against using gerbera daisies. Although they are lovely flowers, I would honestly rather use roses. However, roses tend to be the more expensive of flowers (especially red, right?), so I've opted to try out silk flowers! Not only will they be cheaper, but they will last forever, so I'll be able to keep my bouquet for the rest of my life (and maybe even pass it on to a daughter or granddaughter). I've looked everywhere on the 'net (ebay, included) for silk bouquets. Here is one bouquet that I found to be absolutely gorgeous (and so realistic!):

(Courtesy of Ann-eee)

Are they not wonderful? I've found others, too, of course. I'm just concerned, slightly, that if I were to order this bouquet (and a matching one for my sister, plus two boutinierres for Josh and his brother), I will be unable to find flowers to match for other decorations we will be using throughout the church. This is what I'd like to have the flower decorations look like during the ceremony:

[Click image for larger view]
(Courtesy of Erin Elizabeth's wedding)

Of course, we'll be using red & white flowers instead of the yellow ones here... But anyway, what do you think? Should I go ahead and order the bouquets I showed here, or should I just buy my own silk flowers and make the bouquets myself? Josh's cousin will (most likely) be making our flower arrangements because she is a genius at that sort of thing...

I just want to make sure everything matches well. So, give me some advice, please. :]

Invitations: A Cry for Help!

At the moment, the issue is invitations. I wanted them ordered by March 1 so that we'd get them in perfect time to send out by the end of March (they could take several weeks to process before we even receive them). Well, I thought I had found the perfect invitations. They match the color scheme (red & white), and they were seemingly "cute." I was going to go ahead and order them, but then decided to order a sample, just to be sure. Boy, am I glad I did! I received the sample a couple days ago, and I was disappointed.

They were not what I had expected. I'm glad I didn't go ahead and order 100 or more of these invitations because I would have been upset. They just looked... cheap to me. So, I've browsed through the David's Bridal site again, and I found two more sets of invitations that I may like, and I ordered samples.

(All images courtesy of David's Bridal)

Hopefully I'll be able to find invitations that I like... soon. If not, I don't know what I'll do! Does anyone have suggestions on a place I could find invitations?

The Beginning

Dearest family & friends:

I have (obviously) decided to make a blog dedicated to the planning of my wedding (which began a little over a month ago). I'll be posting pictures and possibilities because I need opinions to help me make some final decisions. I may post several times a day on different subject (I get a little wedding-happy at times, hehe).

The only thing I will not be posting is a picture of my wedding dress... Because it is bad luck for the groom to see it before the big day! So, since the dress is such a crucial factor in planning the decorations of a wedding, if you would like to see it, just let me know. ;]

So... Shall the planning begin?