Thursday, March 6, 2008

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

I apologize for the following post being sort of "all over the place." My thoughts are scrambled at the moment.

We're having some major issues with the wedding plans. Our wedding is going to be on a Tuesday, and everyone thought that was a bit odd. Josh and I picked the date of June 17 quite some time ago, not even realizing what day it was on... because we have a weird thing with the number seventeen. Yesterday, he said something about it being on a Tuesday and how his family will have little time to ready themselves for the wedding because of work. I thought about it hard last night, practically all night long--when I did fall asleep, I even dreamt about it--and we may be changing the date to Saturday, June 14, 2008.

The reason I say, "we may..." is because my entire family (aside from parents and siblings) are coming from out-of-state, and most of them have already asked off for June 17. I have to contact each of them, and if they can all change their ask off date to June 14, then we'll be set (thank goodness we haven't ordered invitations yet!). My parents agree that the 14th would be a better day, with it being on a Saturday, and Dad said that we could still have it at five because that is 1700 hours military time (so we could keep 17 incorporated somehow--seventeen was both of our lucky numbers growing up). Now, I am just awaiting replies from some family members before making the change-of-date final.

I'm becoming more and more stressed as each day passes. The wedding colors are red (apple) and white, and I would love it if JJ (Josh's brother; the best man) would wear a red tie or
something to match my sister's dress, but Josh thinks it would look tacky (or "like a clown," as he says)... I just want my "dream wedding" to become a reality, but with all of the sudden changes, I might just have to settle.

We may also be moving the reception location to a bigger place so that we can, in fact, dance! Honestly, what is a wedding
without dancing? I've always wanted my reception to be a big, dancing party.

In my dream last night, however, I could only remember walking down the aisle toward Josh... I didn't remember any of the decorations or flower colors or the date... I just remembered seeing Josh's smiling face at the end of the aisle--my destination--and my dad walking me toward him. I guess sometimes, brides get so caught up in the planning that they forget the true meaning of it all.

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